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On-demand payment cards that work for you

Create and manage physical and virtual cards, optimised for a broad range of commercial functions.

Personalise each card with custom branding, tailor made for your business.

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Build seamless embedded finance solutions in seconds

Issue branded cards in real-time, with advanced settings that provide flawless spending controls at the click of a button. The process is simple…

Intuitive Dashboard

Use our intuitive dashboard to create an unlimited amount of cards, based on your unique requirements

Dynamic Variables

Once you’re ready, apply dynamic variables that control spending limits, increase fraud prevention and manage merchant categories. Adjust settings on the fly using your dashboard, or a custom API

Design widget

Give your payments a personal touch. Use our design widget to create visually striking cards that promote your brand, wherever it’s used. Once you’re done, we’ll take care of everything else - from production through to shipping and order fulfilment.

Advanced Control

Get instant notifications via custom alerts that keep you informed of key spending patterns. Once you’re all setup, you’ll enjoy advanced control over authorisations without the need for constant monitoring, giving you more time to focus on more important tasks

Powerful Features

Limitless optimisation, tailored towards your brand

Physical cards
Create and deliver physical payment cards whenever you need them, to whoever needs them. All it takes is a single API request, and you’re good to go
Virtual cards
Instantly create and activate dynamic virtual cards, packed with custom rules and features. Get your customers up and running at the click of a button
Seamless onboarding
Our cards are designed to work ‘out of the box’. Setup couldn’t be simpler. We’ll do all the hard work on your behalf, and support you every step of the way.
Bespoke card designs
Enjoy a custom look and feel, across all physical and virtual touchpoints, using your own branding. Project your company’s message to the world.
Reward schemes
Stickiness sells! Craft your own cashback and loyalty programs to improve retention and nurture a community of customers with your brand in the centre
Maintain total control
Utilise thousands of granular features to build an embedded finance solution that meets every last commercial requirement
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Why choose EMBED?

Build your own banking products with Embed.

Wallet Control
Your clients can upload their physical and virtual cards to all major digital wallet platforms - including Apple Pay and Google Pay - and use them with customised spending limits.
Real-Time Security
Utilise real-time security functions that keep you in control of your cash. Freeze cards, set spending limits, manage PIN numbers and a whole lot more
Local Exchange Rates
Benefit from local exchange rates, the moment you step off the plane. Enjoy the freedom to travel and make payments across hundreds of global currencies, at minimal cost and without any hidden fees
Bespoke Laminated Designs
Stand out from the crowd and upgrade your physical cards to a wide variety of bespoke laminated designs, including edge-to-edge durable metal with a range of striking coloured finishes
Spend Safely Online
Increase security and spend safely online with single-use physical and virtual cards that reset once a payment has been made. Program custom parameters that offer watertight protection for both you and your clients
No restrictive ATM limits
Don’t be held back by restrictive ATM limits. It’s all about peace of mind. EMBED physical cards feature up to $XXX in free withdrawals up to a certain amount, with a small fee added after that.
Instant Notifications
Get instant, detailed payment notifications whenever a card is used. Create your own set of custom alerts that provide maximum visibility on spending patterns and card usage