Embedded Finance for Stellar Business Growth.

Design your own financial services. Our Banking-as-a-service platform has everything you need to build your own banking products.

Embed Global is led by a team of highly experienced executives who have significant knowledge of all aspects of payments. By offering a seamless global payments solution, via properly regulated national financial institutions, we will truly offer Cross-Border localized.

Customize your banking experience

Tailor made banking module for seamless, unified customer experience.

Customize your banking
Choose from existing modules or work with our experts to design your own tailored platform.
Integrate cost effectively and fast
Systems designed well integrate seamlessly, anything less doesn’t cut it. Our API library should do it.
Experience effortlessness
EMBED’s drag and drop intuitive software makes it as easy as it gets to use and grow with.
Leverage us to grow
Advanced features and capabilities you desire will be addressed by EMBED through strategic design partnerships created especially for you

Tailor fit your financial suit

We are the platform for financial independence and freedom to create, manage and develop your financial operations exactly the way you want them.

Wallets and IBANs

Open accounts with Virtual IBANs tailored for your operational needs, for your vendors, affiliates and end users. Including automated KYB and KYC, and account architectures that serve your business logic.

Card issuing

Enhance business processes, brand stickiness and revenue opportunities with programmable debit cards for individuals and businesses, including full look and feel customization.

Simple integration

Put our API library and development kits to work to customize banking to brand identity and fully integrated web and app features.

Smart Acquiring

Configurable PSP tailored to your industry needs, tackles declines by the implementation of complex real-time business logic and time decline management, contributing to your business conversion rate and bottom line.

Why we think EMBED is the best choice for your business

EMBED is presenting a pathway for the financial services to finally catch up with the rest of us, empowering stellar business growth. While AI achievements and unparalleled cloud computing drive cross-industry business efficiency and value, Financial Services are still behind. It’s time to change the paradigm, to put businesses and their customers first by removing the need to adapt to generic banking impediments. Join banking as-a-service with our fully embedded independent tailored-to-business financial services.

Get Started

Basic vs advanced

Choose a basic module from our existing library or come to the drawing board with our expert teams. Either way, we are here to assist you in making banking the masterpiece of your business.


Basic Plan

For Business

Multi currency wallets
Cards for the business and Its ecosystem

Advanced Plan

For Business

Vendor Management

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